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About the show

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The Nebraska Diesel Show was started 15 years ago by, and is still ran, by Josh Follmer.  It originally started as a small Powerstroke meet, and the next year grew to an all makes meet.  A dyno was the main attraction of the first few years. The first few were held at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds, in Kearney. 

Since then the "meet" has grown into an event.  The show was moved to Kearney Raceway park, and drag racing was added along with a dyno.  In the years to follow, a show 'n shine, burnout contest, and tug of war were added to the show.


Fast forward to 2015 and a small committee of diesel enthusiasts helps to plan the show, with Josh still having the final say and ultimate control over the show.  In 2015 we added a sled pulling track, and we hosted a sled pull for 6 years.  While the pull was a blast, we've moved on to dirt drags recently so that more trucks can participate.


We're excited with the direction the show is headed, and look forward to more growth, bigger name sponsors, faster trucks and more fun!  Our goal is to put on a great event that is fun for any age.  We hope to continue to grow the show and put it on the national map in the years to come!

We sincerely appreciate all of the support from every one of our sponsors, and attendees! 

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