2020 Show Information

  • Admission: Gate fee is $15 per person for a single day pass, or $25 for the whole weekend.  Kids 6 and under are free.


  • Drag Racing:   In order to drag race, you will need to also pay for a tech card, which is $30.  This will allow you to race all day Saturday, to enter the Bracket race, and to race under the lights after the bracket racing.  The drag strip will be closed Sunday.  Tech inspection area is located near the tower, at the end of the chain link fence. 


  • Sled Pull:  The sled pull will be on Sunday.  We're shooting for starting the sled pull at 11am.​

    • The sign up for the pull will be located in the tower at the drag strip.  Tech inspection will take place near the pulling track.

    • Anyone can sign up for multiple "exhibition" pulls also.  Exhibition pulls will be held after all classes are finished.

    • We welcome all types of pullers for exhibition pulls.  Gas, Diesel, Alcohol, 2wd, 4x4, tractors, Semis and anything else!!!


  • Dyno:  2020 will again feature the Revolution Auto Works dyno.  This is a state of the art load cell dyno with a top notch crew.


  • Camping:  Campers are allowed on-site for no extra fee.  There are no water or electricity hookups available.  Generators are permitted and welcomed.


  • Food:  The track has a concession stand that offers burgers and hot dogs and such.  We also plan to have Grinders food truck back again this year.  They typically offer several sandwich choices.  The track's concession stand offers hamburgers, hotdogs nachos etc.

2020 Drag Racing

2020 Truck Pull

For 2020 we will keep the drag racing similar to years past.  We will have the track open at noon!  You are free to make as many passes as you'd like down the strip and can line up against anyone you want.  To drag race you need to purchase a "tech card" at the gate for $30.  You'll receive the card, then will need to have your vehicle inspected in the tech area near the tower.  Then you'll receive a number and be ready to race!

We'll stop and prep the track later in the afternoon and let trucks with slicks make runs on a prepped track.

If there's enough interest, we can hold a bracket (ET) race

Around 6pm we will have an intermission for the burnout contest and show n shine.   Following these events, we will hold the bracket race (if enough participants)

Participants for the burnout contest, show n shine and bracket race will need to sign up in the tower.

What is a bracket race?  Click below for more information!

After the bracket racing we will start the RACING UNDER THE LIGHTS! once it gets near dark.  During this time all vehicles both gas or diesel, that have a tech card can race.  Anyone can race against anyone.  We will aim to have the track open for about 2 hours.

Random breathalyzers will be given to ensure all drivers are sober.

2020 Show 'n Shine

Sticking with what works, the 2020 Show n Shine will be held Saturday afternoon in the staging lanes of the track.  Winners will be announced during the intermission and showcased in front of the track.

Big changes in store for the 2020 NDS sled pull!


This year we have cut ties with NADM in an effort to put on a better sled pulling event.  We want a more entertaining pull, with more competitors, and more classes.  So we teamed up with the Nebraska Bush Pullers.  They will provide a more professional pull, with more participants, and a better quality show.

Our pulling track is hard packed clay.  We hauled in over 250 cubic yards of clay in an effort to make the perfect surface for our pulling competitors.  Feedback has been great every year since this, and we are proud to offer an excellent pulling surface for all of the competitors!


This year's sled pull will be on Sunday July 26th  Starting at 11am.


The Nebraska Bush Pullers team will handle all aspects of the pull.  They will handle sign up, tech inspections and officiating the pull.  Please see their website (link below) for their official rules for each class.





All classes for this pull will be announced soon.  Please check back, we will update this section as soon as we have classes secured.  

Before we start the official Nebraska Bush Pullers portion of the pull, we will offer a workstock class put on by NDS.  This class will be for trucks that don't meet the requirements to pull as a 3.0 diesel pickup, but still want to hook to the sled.  Any trucks from stock to highly modified will be able to hook at this point.


​We will also offer exhibition pulls.  For other pullers that want to hook but aren't in an official class for the pull.


Payouts will be posted here once classes are announced.


We're happy to announce that Revolution Auto Works will be on site all day Saturday with their load cell dyno.  This dyno also has AWD capabilities.



Kearney Raceway Park

4860 Imperial Avenue

Kearney, NE 68847