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2024 Show Information

  • Admission: Gate fee is $20 per person for all adults.  

    • Kids 6-12 years old are $5​

    • Kids under 6 are free

  • Drag Racing:   In order to drag race, you will need to also pay for a tech card, which is $40.  This will allow you to race all day Saturday, and to race under the lights after the bracket racing.  The drag strip will be closed Friday night and Sunday.  Tech inspection area is located near the tower, at the end of the chain link fence. 

  • Bracket Race:  The cost to enter the bracket race will be $10.  If you get eliminated, you can buy back in one time for $20.


  • Dirt Drags:  Back for 2024!!  Cost to enter dirt drag racing is $40.  All entry fees will be pooled and split for winners of a bracket race!


  • Dyno:  2024 Dyno will be provided by Revolution Auto Works.  They typically charge between $100 for 3 dyno pulls.


  • Camping:  Cost for campers for 2024 will be $20


  • Food:  The track has a concession stand that offers burgers and hot dogs and such.  They typically offer several sandwich choices.  The track's concession stand offers hamburgers, hotdogs nachos etc.  We try to have an additional food truck on-site as well.

  • Drinks:  Non alcholic drinks are offerred in the conession stands.  No alcoholic beverages are sold on site.  Coolers with your own alcoholic drinks are welcome, drunk drivers are not welcome!

2024 Drag Racing

For 2024 we will keep the drag racing similar to years past.  We will have the track open at 1pm.  Tech will open at 9am.  A short driver's meeting will be held before racing starts.


You are free to make as many passes as you'd like down the strip and can line up against anyone you want during the open test n tune time.  To drag race you need to purchase a "tech card" at the gate for $40.  You'll receive the card, then will need to have your vehicle inspected in the tech area near the tower.  Then you'll receive a number and be ready to race!

We'll stop and prep the track later in the afternoon and let trucks with slicks make runs on a prepped track.

We will hold a bracket race starting at 7pm with a cash payout!  Cost to enter the bracket race will be $10.  With a $20 buy back option if you get eliminated and want to re-enter.


We will also have an intermission for the burnout contest and show n shine.   Following these events, we will hold the bracket race (if enough participants)

Participants for the burnout contest, show n shine and bracket race will need to sign up in the tower and/or line up in the staging lanes as directed.

What is a bracket race?  Click below for more information!

After the bracket racing we will start the RACING UNDER THE LIGHTS! once it gets near dark.  During this time all vehicles both gas or diesel, that have a tech card can race.  Anyone can race against anyone.  We will aim to have the track open for about 2 hours.

Random breathalyzers will be given to ensure all drivers are sober.

2024 Dirt Drags

Dirt Drags.jpg

We feel like we finally found the sweet spot for the dirt drags.  New location for the track, and making it diesel pickups only.  We want to build on that for 2024!

Dirt drags are especially fun because there is less wear and tear on your pickup than drag racing on a paved surface.  Instead of parts breaking, tires spin on the dirt.  Much less stress on the drivetrain of your pickup!

Please check out the Midstates Mud Racing website for more details!


Revolution Auto Works will be back this year to provide dyno services!  Typical cost is $100 for 3 clean pulls.

2024 Show 'n Shine


Sticking with what works, the 2024 Show n Shine will be held Saturday afternoon in the staging lanes of the track.  Winners will be announced during the intermission and showcased in front of the track.

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