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Rules for the Nebraska Diesel Show

This show is meant to be a place for friends to meet, and for new friends to be made.  We encourage everyone to make the most of the event, and to have fun.  However some common sense rules must be in place to ensure that everyone stays safe and has fun.  We encourage and expect show attendees to hold eachother to a high standard of conduct, and to promote a positive, family friendly, image of the diesel industry.


Please remember that we are all GUESTS at Kearney Raceway Park.  All attendees should respect the grounds, track staff, show staff, and obey all signs.  Also, all racers will be required to follow KRP's rules, so please review them before racing!


Please review Kearney Raceway Park's rules:










Some general rules that must be followed:


Above and beyond everything else, don't be an idiot and you won't get in trouble!!!!  But if that isn't enough, read below for some specifics.


  • All Attendees:

    • Speed limit for the entire gounds is 10 mph.  Excessive speeding will not be tolerated.

    • In order to run on the drag strip, trucks must be free of loose dirt, mud and gravel.  If any mud is visible by tech inspectors, you will likely be asked to leave the premesis and wash your truck before you'll be allowed to race.

    • Excessive smoke: Yes this is a diesel show.  Black smoke is fine when appropriate.  However, if you are seen blowing smoke on people or "things" in a way that is deemed inappropriate, you may be asked to leave.  To be clear, black smoke while participating in events is fine.  Intentional and excessive black smoke in the pits/camping/high traffic areas is frowned upon, and blatant, excessive stupidity on your part can get you kicked out.

    • We ask that people be mature with regards to black smoke, and keep in mind the image that excessive black smoke at inappropriate times gives our industry.  We want to give a positive image of the sport.

  • Parking 

    • Please park in a way that ensures everyone gets a spot.  Don't park like an idiot, and we won't have to ask you to move your vehicle.

    • It is allowed to park along the edge of the track.  Please feel free to do so, but only park with your front or rear facing the track.

    • There is no "saving spots" for others, unless approved by show staff.

  • Camping: 

    • Please park in line with other campers.  If you park like an idiot, you will be asked to move your camper, even if it's already set up.  With a huge crowd expected, we want to ensure there is room for everyone.

    • Fires: Fires are permitted, but only in a burn ring of some sort which will contain ashes.

      • You are responsible for cleaning up your mess before you leave!

  • Drinking:

    • Drinking on-site is permitted.

    • Driving after you have drank, no matter if you are over, or under the legal limit, is NOT permitted at Kearney Raceway Park, and will not be tolerated.

      • If you are seen driving after drinking, you will be asked to leave and not allowed to return.  If you're deemed too intoxicated and attempt to drive, or ignore our requests, the NDS staff, track staff, and security reserve the right to involve law enforcement.

    • Horseplay:  This is a common sense rule.  If you are seen doing something that the general public would frown upon, you will be asked to stop by show staff and/or security.  This refers especially to late night activities after the majority of attendees are asleep.  Repeated abuse will result in you being asked to leave.

  • Pit bikes, atv's etc: 

    • Non-street legal pit vehicles are allowed.  They MUST observe the 10 mph speed limit.  If you are seen driving dangerously, or wrecklessly you may be asked to leave.

    • Racing lawn mowers are no longer allowed, and will not be permitted to enter the track grounds.


This is in no way a complete or comprehensive set of rules.  Track staff, show staff, and security will use their best judgement when enforcing any of the rules above, or any other written or non-written rules.  Their judgement is final and non-compliance can result in you being kicked out.

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